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With this privacy statement we want to inform you as a customer or visitor of our webshop about what data we process. It also states why this data is collected, how long this data is stored and the rights there are with regard to accessing and adjusting your personal data.

The application of personal data

This privacy statement has been drawn up by Designmaxx B.V. (Brandname LABEL51 with Chamber of Commerce number 50966049). This privacy statement applies to all processing of personal data of our customers and visitors to our websites, including the websites of LABEL51.

We believe it is important that personal data is stored securely and complies with applicable laws and regulations (Data Protection Act / General Data Protection Regulation). In order to provide transparency, personal data is used for the following purposes

  • Assigning an account;
  • Sending out current price lists;
  • Sending administrative activities, such as invoices;
  • Sending (new) items;
  • Performing analyses.

The personal data will never be sold to third parties.

The person responsible for processing

LABEL51 is responsible for processing the data. LABEL51 itself determines which data is processed and in what way, including the purposes and time it is stored. Our visiting address is De Geer 8 (4004LT) in Tiel. Our customer service can be reached by phone (+31(0)318-476837) or by e-mail (

LABEL51 can also involve its group companies and other parties in the processing of personal data. As far as these other parties process data for the benefit of LABEL51, they do so as processor and LABEL51 has entered into an agreement with those parties.


What personal data will be processed?

We focus explicitly on the business-to-business market. This means that it is only possible for companies to place an order. Every company that comes into contact with LABEL51 and wishes to receive login details, enters the system. For this purpose, the following information is requested: name and address of the company, general e-mail address, general telephone number, VAT number and at least one contact person. The application form will be sent by e-mail to the applicant in question. He or she can decide for himself or herself which data he or she fills out in the application form. In order to create an account, only the name name, address and e-mail address need to be filled in. On basis of this data, articles can be sent to the customer in question. After this data has been transferred, an account will be created in which these details can be found.

The account data will be kept as long as the account is in use. When an account has not been used for a period of at least 5 years, the account data will be deleted under certain conditions. The order and invoice data will be kept for a minimum of 7 years in connection with statutory deadlines. After this period this data will be made anonymous and will only be used for analyses.

Various account settings can be found in the account settings and can be adjusted. On this page the following data can be found: contact details, billing address, delivery address and newsletter. This data can be viewed and adjusted by the customer.

The personal data is safely stored. The system we work with can only be obtained by means of a personal access code. Each employee has their own authority, which means that not every employee can view your personal data.


Visit and use of the website

When visiting our website, your IP address is recorded. This data is completely anonymous and is only used for statistical purposes, such as monitoring website visits and the functioning of the website.


Why does LABEL51 need this data?

As a wholesaler, we work with companies to provide the consumer. Delivery can take place in various ways. Companies can place franco orders with us. In this cooperation the company itself delivers to the consumer. In this cooperation we receive no consumer data.

In addition, we also offer the possibility for dropshipment. In this form of cooperation, the article is shipped directly from warehouse to the consumer. For this purpose, the name and address details of the consumer are provided by the company to us. In order not to violate the personal data, an agreement has been made with the retailer in question. In this agreement, we only process the name and address details we receive. This data will be stored for a maximum of one year, in connection with the order data.

In addition, we are constantly working on optimising our website. For this reason, we collect search behaviour of our website visitors. This data supports us in optimizing the ease of use and functioning of the website.


Our information obligation

We consider security of utmost importance and therefore believe that your personal data should only be used for the relevant purposes. Should it occur that a breach has been committed with personal data, also known as a data breach, we are obliged to report this to the Personal Data Authority (AP) within 72 hours after it has become known that this phenomenon has occurred, unless it is unlikely that it will pose a risk to your rights and freedoms. If it is likely to pose a high risk to your rights and freedoms, we will notify you by email or post.


What are your rights?

Access to your data

As of the new legislation, we are obliged to inform you as a customer or visitor which data we store and process, for how long we retain this data, for what purposes this data is used and to whom the data is provided. These points have been made in the privacy statement.

Correction of your data

Customers have the right to obtain a confirmation of their personal data from LABEL51. In doing so, they have the right to have incorrect personal data corrected, should it not (or no longer) be correct.

Right to be forgotten

Customers have the right to have their personal data removed from the system. In doing so, the personal data will be removed from the system. However, the order and invoice data will remain in the system for 7 years in connection with statutory deadlines.

Right of objection

Customers have the right to object, with well-founded justification, to the processing of their personal data. LABEL51 will always take this into consideration and respond within a period of 3 weeks.

Right to data transfer

Customers have the right to transfer their personal data. We can make your personal data available in a standard file format. This allows you, as a customer, to reuse your personal data at any time.


Right of amendment

LABEL51 reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement. We therefore recommend that you regularly read this privacy statement, so that you are always aware of the current privacy statement of LABEL51.