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To get straight to the point: LABEL51 is the nicest furniture brand in the Netherlands. Looking for Scandinavian, design or industrial? LABEL51 has it all. With LABEL51 products you can add your own identity to your interior. Do you like warmth? Choose for natural tones and materials. Having courage? Combine different colors with each other. Feeling brave? Then go for industrially finished furniture. In our extensive collection, you will always find something that perfectly matches your living style. Because there is nothing better than feeling at home.


Own brand

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42.000 m2

2.000 m2

Family members

2012: 51 items
2022: 1000+ items

Average age

LABEL51 is born out of passion for furniture, interior design, and cosiness at home. Now and in the future we strive to offer a contemporary collection of unique and authentic items under our own brand. Our Dutch designers and shapers work every day on new, unique designs, so that new products are added to our range monthly. This allows us to respond quickly to the latest trends.

Since the founding of the company in 2012, the main goal of LABEL51 is to offer a brave take on today's living and working needs. We want to achieve this mission by delivering contemporary products, of good quality, at a competitive price.

The strong vision of LABEL51 makes us a recognized leader in the Dutch furniture market. In recent years, we have grown by at least 40% per year, something we are extremely proud of!



Thanks to our continued growth, we began construction of our new building in early 2021, increasing the warehouse area from 16,000 m² to 42,000 m². This allows us to store even larger quantities of even more products.

In addition, our showroom has also been expanded to 2,000 m². We very much look forward to welcoming you here for a cup of coffee, a good conversation and of course to present our latest collection.